Choosing a block

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OK, so you’ve looked into your finances, you have an idea of where you’d like to live and the place you plan to call home – now it is time to pick your block!

There are numerous considerations when it comes to building your new home. Our handy checklist will help you with all the technicalities before you get your heart set on a block of land that isn’t right for you.

1. Size

How big a block do you need?

It isn’t just you floor plan you need to make sure there is room for. Do you plan on having a large back yard with space for a pool or an outdoor entertaining area?

If you are planning on having a large number of rooms in the house, that doesn’t necessarily mean a big block is a necessity. There is always the option to build up oppose to out – think two storey if space is what you are lacking.

2. Shape

Have you already chosen the home design you want? In the current market, designs have been made to be very flexible – but if you have pre-picked a specific home, you don’t want to spend a fortune, or lots of time adapting it to suit a different block shape.

Narrow lot designs are now very easy to come by and many designers offer these as standard, but do your research first.

3. Orientation

In the West Australian climate, the warmer weather is what you need to keep an eye on. Although you may love to have a backyard filled with sunshine on a spring morning, you may be seeking shade come summer.

Good home designers will consider everything involving orientation, not just to align with your personal preferences, but to make the most of the weather too. You’ll want a nice breeze to travel throughout the house in summer, but for your home to stay cosy during the winter months.

4. Slope

Look out for land that is sloping.

Although some blocks are ideal to make the most of the views and fit perfectly with their surroundings, don’t forget that custom builds will most likely come at a cost.

A sloping block with almost certainly need a unique design, where most home designers will love the challenge, it will not come cheap. However, if you are planning a complete custom build, then don’t let it phase you.

5. Soil and land quality

The material and land you build on can have an effect on your new home. The amount of weight you intend to place on your block may be restricted if the soil isn’t the right kind.

Find out the facts, talk to builders and make sure you know exactly what you can and can’t do before purchase.

6. The blocks surrounds

Does the block look ideal now? Great. But will it be ideal in a few months or years from now?

Check your rights of way and access to existing roads. If new homes and roads will be popping up around the same time as your completion, check these details before you produce plans.

Think privacy and making the most of your views, there is no point in building the perfect cottage style home if you are going to be dwarfed by two-storeys all around.

No one wants to build their dream home and then realise a large freeway or structure is being built on your doorstep.

Don’t forget to also think of styling in terms of your surrounds. Are all the homes in the neighbourhood of one look, or is there a mix of tradition and modern? You don’t want your home to stand alone.

7. Restrictions

Lastly, check all your building restrictions, you don’t want to find out that you can’t build exactly what you have been planning due to the local council. Ask your developer and speak to your future builder too, they should know exactly what they are able to produce.

8. So, is the block right for you?

Whether you have a style in mind or you are choosing your block first, make sure your block suits your needs.

It might be hard to envisage your home at the moment, but once all the rooms have been mapped out, the garden planned and your car is parked on the drive, does the block still have everything you need and more?

St Leonards Private Estate has a number of lots sizes to choose from and even offers house and land packages, so if you have any questions, why not get in touch?

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