How The New Metronet Train Line Will Impact St Leonards Estate

Residents of St Leonards Private Estate will soon benefit from more transport choice with the government’s 21km Morley-Ellenbrook line now well under way. Metronet is Perth’s largest public transport project since the Mandurah line was installed, and will see residents of Perth’s north gain access to five new stations – Ellenbrook, Whiteman Park, Malaga, Noranda and Morley. The existing Bayswater station is also up for relocation, whilst a station in Bennett Spring East is planned for the future.

A better connected community

The project will make it possible for residents of Dayton to enjoy a much faster commute into the CBD, and will provide easy access into the surrounding suburbs. The closest station, Whiteman Park, will be just 7 minutes away and will provide residents access into the city in just 25 minutes. Plans for the new station include more than 900 parking spaces and 10 bus stands, accommodating visitors into the Swan Valley region and planned future growth. Not only will the project ease congestion on the roads and make it even more convenient to live in Dayton, it will also generate thousands of new jobs in WA. Read on below for a more in-depth look at how Dayton and surrounding suburbs will benefit from Metronet.


Improved transport services 

Residents of Perth’s northern suburbs have been calling out for more public transportation options for a long time. It’s been a hot topic in recent years, playing a key role in the state election and now work has begun. For residents of St Leonards, access to Whiteman Station will mean taking public transport to work will become a much more viable option. Passengers will enjoy a seamless journey into the city, with no need to transfer between multiple trains and buses, greatly decreasing commute time (by almost half). It will be a simple two-zone journey and is very welcome for current and future residents working in busy hubs like the city centre. Instead of contending with road congestion and the high cost of parking every morning, locals will be able to enjoy a comfortable 25 minute journey into the city.

Better connections between Ellenbrook, Malaga, Midland, Morley and the airport

Not only will Dayton residents have better access into the city, they’ll also benefit from better connection into major shopping and employment hubs  like Ellenbrook, Malaga, Midland, Morley and the airport. Many residents choose to live in Perth’s northern suburbs because they are closer to work – Malaga is an important industrial centre, whilst Ellenbrook, Midland and Morley all contain a huge range of retail, recreation and dining options, as well as medical facilities.

Reduced congestion on existing and future roads

The Metronet project is expected to save 10,000 car journey’s every day by 2031, which is a win both for the environment and for limiting road congestion in the future. Dayton residents travelling by road will enjoy a faster journey. Less cars on the road will also ensure that a safe, quiet standard of living is maintained. Many St Leonards residents love the estate because it is so tranquil and peaceful – infrastructure projects like this ensure that the character of the neighbourhood remains intact for many years to come.

More ‘liveable’ communities

The introduction of train stations into northern neighbourhoods will improve livability. Not only does greater access into the city and surrounding areas provide more opportunities for residents to get out and about and enjoy everything the region has to offer, it also introduces new character and vibrancy into the area. Along with train stations – like the planned Whiteman Park station – often comes new retail stores, cafes and meeting points.

Improved visitor access into the Swan Valley

The Metronet rail line will provide tourists and visitors with better access into the Swan Valley. The planned Whiteman Park station will be located directly across from Whiteman Park – a major tourist attraction – and bus links will make it easy to get the Swan Valley.

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